Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

Hi, I’m Abi and this is my daughter, Alice.


I’m currently on maternity leave after giving birth in November 2016.

I’ve met some lovely fellow Mummies along the way. Some are first-timers like me, and others are already a dab hand.

I’ve always loved babies and children, and I knew I definitely wanted to be a Mum.

Despite already knowing my fair share about babies, nothing really prepares you for that day your baby arrives.

Alice has completely changed my life, and my husband Greg’s life for the better. We can’t even remember what we used to do before she came along.

Everyone says that time flies. They’re right! I’m now halfway through my maternity leave which seems insane. It was only a few months ago I was entering my last few weeks of pregnancy.

Babies change everyday and they are constantly learning and developing. That’s why I’ve decided to blog about Alice.

I don’t want to forget a single moment, and when she changes so quickly and so often, that can be difficult.

So while this blog is primarily a record for me, I’m also hoping other Mummies will relate to it.

Here goes nothing!





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